Area Improvement

In response to Gujarat floods 2005, CCISB carried out community infrastructure improvement and development work in urban slums of affected Kheda, Nadiad, and Vadodara towns. Activities such as debris clearing, cleaning streets and community spaces, leveling roads with sand and stones, etc. were undertaken. The local community themselves got involved in constructing improved community infrastructure such as paved streets, rainwater and closed waste water outlet channels, washing spaces and soak pits near community water taps and individual houses etc.

Recently, CCISB assisted Supath Gramodhyog Sansthan of Himmatnagar in constructing rainwater harvesting structures (ponds) in 5 backward tribal villages of Banaskantha district. Since sustainability of water sources is vital, rainwater conservation structures become useful in recharging the water sources for ensuring sustainability. This helps in increased availability and improved quality of water for drinking and other purposes.