Support Services

Bhuj 050

Various support services related to Health, Education, Shelter, etc. were carried out by CCISB. CCISB has provided emergency medical response to the disaster affected communities at various places where AIDMI carried out disaster relief and recovery work. After floods in Bhuj in 2005, CCISB organized medical camps covering 14 slums and 300+ community members.

CCISB had set up child educational centers at Bhuj, Kheda, Nadiad, and Vadodara to provide secondary education to the children of slum areas. Further, CCISB had also assisted in providing school supplies to poor and affected children whose families were not in a position to purchase required books and uniforms themselves. Currently, two additional educational centers are operational in Bhuj – one with individual support of US-based Mr. Mahesh Patel and another one permanently adopted by Rushey Mead Foundation of UK.

After the Gujarat earthquake in 2001, CCISB supported the affected community members by constructing 300+ shelters in the Bhuj slums. Further, CCISB team members also supported the construction process of shelters in villages of Madhubani district of Bihar which were affected by floods in 2007.